A tale of water,fire and eternal light.


Water is feminine, cold and passive.It flows effortlessly, wherever the gravity takes. It’s very nature is to slip from higher to lower levels and glide, when rushing out of the mountains. It does not seek  the peaks. It does not change the course. If gravity does not want, then it is lazy to flow ahead until the sky takes it away as vapour and in clouds it rises up  and reaches without its own efforts.

Fire is masculine, hot and active by nature. It’s very ambitious.It can be seen when flame goes up, against the gravity. And in rising up, it leaves behind the ashes of timber. Whereas water irrigates farms and forests.  Life on earth is originated from the water. And destruction is originated from the fire. Two forces working together in the nature of earth. But that’s not the end of the picture. Truth is one and unified. It may appear as dualistic in nature and disintegrated picture.But just a few moment ago water was fire. And just a few moment ahead water will again become fire. If moment is measured by the cosmic clock.

Sun and earth, co-existing and co-participants of the cosmos, originated from the same source. Water on earth was brought up and raised by the fire of sun. Existence of water is mainly due to the existence of fire. Water has travelled a long journey from the sun. It is astonishing that sun that is so hot contains the seed of water and vice versa may also be true.

Two sides of the same coin. But humankind has flipped this coin million times to decide fate, to be ambitious like fire or to be submissive like water. When it comes to business they want to rise up and when it comes to prayer they want to slip away into the hands of God. “God! only you can do something. God! you are my only hope.”

Very few have transcended the both and became the eternal light. That light which is neither reflecting from water nor coming out of the sun.That light which is sourceless. That light which existed before any sun and fire. That light which comes as a flood and casts no further shadows.


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There is good news, there is bad news

Endless-Path / Pathless-End

Life is a complicated affair. It is an endless existence. Any Journey you travel, any direction you choose,and any moment you arrive, you are already and always the center of life. This tiny sentient, which flows in this stream of thoughts as a writer and as a reader, may not be aware of the endless and peaceful ocean. This tiny sentient may also not be aware of his own existence. But the existence is already and always aware of itself. You may not be aware of your own body but body is still functioning. You are not even your own.Yet you are still breathing. You are just flowing in this stream of words. And if there is a flow then  there is a sense of coming and going. There is a sense of beginning and ending. But once the river disappears into the ocean, then there is only ocean. Now you can’t say “I am”.The ocean is; the river has disappeared.

Good news is you have already arrived. There is no need to travel further. In fact you have never travelled at the first place. The moment you stepped out, you already stepped into the temple. Because whole universe is a temple. You can also say that whole universe is your home. Bad news is that you have only learned how to travel.

The whole mankind is travelling along with you. Then why not you? The moment you were born,your family has already planned your trip. And among friends, relatives and your circles, there is always a curiosity to know how much have you travelled? And this curiosity is just to know where do you stand in the race so that he can adjust his stats. If you are not going somewhere then you’re unworthy for the society. But that is very rare, you are always going somewhere , either with the mankind or against the mankind, in the opposite direction. It can be easily seen in these cheesy quotes….

I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

That’s okay, but where do you want to go?

If you think you are not travelling, then sit and watch your mind, how it takes you away from the present moment. It will definitely think that to sit silently, just being, is worthless. You have to do something.Watch your mind, how it clings to the end of lines. As if life is  means to an end.The moment you cling to something, you are living with the idea that life can be permanent.

It is just an illusion that someday river is going to disappear in the ocean.This is a fallacy that someday….but at this very moment, the root fallacy is that river is your reality.

Who Am I? Mind Or No Mind?



Many people are trapped in their mind throughout their lives – will quickly tell you, who they are; their name, occupation, past, achievements, goals and whatever else they identify with. Others may appear to be more evolved because they think of themselves as an immortal soul. But do they really know themselves, or have they just added some spiritual sounding concepts to the content of their mind?

Every child is born with a fresh brain but not with a fresh mind. Mind is a layer of conditioning around the consciousness. A new born baby has no thoughts and dreams and has no knowledge and beliefs about who is he and where he came from and yet he remains.

Soon he learns letters, language and the process of identification with surrounding in form of thoughts and soon parent and society will be giving the child’s consciousness a specific direction. And as the child grows up It becomes identified with gender, possessions, body, nationality, religion, profession etc. Other things the “I” identifies with are roles mother, father, husband, wife, and so on and also things that happened to him in the past, the memory of which are thoughts that further define his sense of self as “me and my story.”

In doing so, child forgets to live a life outside the mind.

I have made a video solely based on this title. Completed its 1st part which tries to explain “who am i?” according to the mind and also the limitations of mind. And i will soon work on the 2nd part which is going to explain “who am i?” according to the “no mind”. I would like to read your comments how can i evolve this video further. How can i express what it is to be like your truest self which is beyond mind and which is alert, still and aware of each and every moment. (I will also create 3rd part which is going to explain meditation, if i get the time)

Here is the first part. Its a 8 min long video. Your Suggestions are most welcome. https://youtu.be/1zD7-euUDTE

Thanks for watching.

What is the real meaning of karma?

Is there any difference between good and bad karma? how can we transcend karma? and how can we have free will?

Their would be many people in the world that would be getting “bad Karma” if it were in the sense of what many people believe karma is. So what is Karma? As we know the connection to the mind, a false self, creates our suffering, not the world around us. And so the continuing link to the mind creates the illusion of suffering, the more we see it the more we suffering from it. People claim to have “good” and “bad” days, yet we know this is not so, life is just how it is, it’s only our connection the ego that say its good or bad, reality is how it is, we can either suffer from it or accept it how it is. Yet if we are always focused on the negative then that is all that we will see. Once realization that life is not suffering then you see the act of karma from continually being negative/positive, it’s not that you have to be positive but rather just accept how life is. Then you see life, negativity drop away and if there is no negativity what is there, well no thing. You just are.

Do you think that i have covered the right information about karma in this video? Thanks for watching _/\_

Are you waiting to wake up someday and find yourself enlightened?


Enlightenment is a simple realization that everything is as it should be. But You have to remain purposeful as long as you don’t realize that the last thought is going to pass by,that the purposelessness is just waiting on the door, that the mindlessness/emptiness is just going to reveal the secrets of your truest self.

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Eckhart’s teachings not helping you?



Truth, no matter how well it is described through words and by other means of forms, will always remain undivided and unlimited.  But as long as there are voices and structures, you will miss the other half of the truth that is silent and formless. Most of the readers are already acquainted with Eckhart Tolle‘s style. That he is constantly hammering on the false identity of human which is only absorbed in the content of their lives. His job is to bring that missing background of the life, which is the very essence of existence, to the center of the picture. In doing so he is constantly explaining the subject by creating virtual contrast between two objects. He is dividing the reality just to express the value of formless, nothingness, stillness, consciousness and beingness of the existence, which is far more essential than forms, things,voices,unconscious and ego. Or rather the only essentials of…

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There is good news, there is bad news


ENDLESSWAY Endless-Path / Pathless-End

Life is a complicated affair. It is an endless existence. Any Journey you travel, any direction you choose,and any moment you arrive, you are already and always the center of life. This tiny sentient, which flows in this stream of thoughts as a writer and as a reader, may not be aware of the endless and peaceful ocean. This tiny sentient may also not be aware of his own existence. But the existence is already and always aware of itself. You may not be aware of your own body but body is still functioning. You are not even your own.Yet you are still breathing. You are just flowing in this stream of words. And if there is a flow then  there is a sense of coming and going. There is a sense of beginning and ending. But once the river disappears into the ocean, then there is only ocean. Now you can’t…

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Do you think that path of self realization passes through himalayas?


This is what nobody will ever want; to be a sannyasin. Who will ever want to skip watching all sorts of display screens? Who will not want to indulge  in all sorts of relationships with people,pets and machines? Who will ever want to miss daily addictive routines?

I would like to share one observation. Six man travelling in a metro,sitting in front of my sight, and almost all were busy in phone by any possible mean. One person was watching sex comedy movie, and who was beside him, he was peeking on his screen. Other two men were listening music and whatsapping. But the fifth one was worth noticing. Although he had nothing to do but since he was having the latest iphone, he couldn’t resist to show it off. How could he miss the sole purpose of having a latest iphone?  And sixth person was the only one who might appear as an awakened being but my guess is he was already married and poor to purchase a smartphone. His eyes although looking nowhere in particular, but telling that miseries has gripped him from every angle. This is a story of a civilized man, of a multi tasking kind.  Just in another moment, a beautiful woman passes by, then this becomes a story of a most helpless kind.

What can a man in solitude do? He has not many choices. He has to be self dependent. He has to live alone and die alone. Because no one will gather at his funeral. At least there is a relief that he would not have to live up to someone’s expectations. But why would he want to survive alone? You may feel protected around friends,family and groups.You may live with hopes and dreams. You may live with retirement plannings.  But that day never comes when you are actually free; when you are yourself. In fact all these investments on outward plans are just a COVER UP to avoid your inward reality.  Hence more you are busy, more you are far away from yourself.  You are afraid of yourself. But a lone man has no other choices than to face himself. And nature is also helping in this cause. Silence and solitude is in abundance.  You may avoid your inner turmoils by bringing outside voices but silence and emptiness of wild will force a man to face his inner turmoils. Himalayas will penetrate deep within the very source of his existence.

One more thing; all these institutions of religion, education,professional or social purpose will fail to offer any help for this man. Because institutions do not concern with individuals. They only exist to lure mass and mass exists only to seek attention. But for this man, it is a relief that there will be no outside seeking and no unnecessary burden of knowledge.  And there will be no confusion of this and that. And there will be no dualities and pre-conceived notions in his mind. Then there is a possibility that he will realize his truest self and awaken from all dreams and cover ups. Because in the absence of these institutions there is a possibility that he will be naturally meditative; he will be inwardly naked and active. Then there is a possibility of his blossoming.

For you, there is abundance of spiritual and religious manuals, and guidelines. But for a man in wilderness, there is abundance of peace and silence to hear his own inner guidance. It is funny that these religions can only communicate through mass. As if God only knows the way of communicating through priesthood/sainthood and through sacred books. But what about for that man who has always lived in the wilderness? For him, will sky rain sacred books or will earth produce saints and prophets? It is funny that so called “god” weakens for a lone man. Then what is the value of such religion which can only reach to mass audience but can’t reach to a single man in solitude. Buddha once said “If you meet me on the way, kill me immediately.” On the contrary, people are building statues of him.

You have only become a attention seeker. And attention is food for the ego. Without the attention the ego cannot live; it is its very breath. Just as the body needs oxygen, the ego needs attention. Whenever you are healthy, happy, the parents don’t pay any attention to you; there is no need. But when you are ill, miserable, crying, weeping, the whole family becomes attentive to your needs. On the contrary, the essential self need not have any attention. The essential self can live without any attention because it is not dependent on anybody else. And the essential self is capable of rejoicing in its aloneness. It does not even need the other, so what to say about attention? It does not even need the other. Its real bliss is inner, it does not come from the outside, it does not depend on any condition; it is unconditional. It is a spontaneous, inner, intrinsic phenomenon.

A man in solitude has more chances than a civilized man. He can easily attain to a state which we know as self realization; enlightenment. He cas easily inquire himself to know “Who am i?” from which you usually run away. Because you have many devices to trick yourself. You have many distractions and society befriends you in this cause. First there were worldly distractions, then there were spiritual distractions. And the biggest tragedy is that you have searched everywhere. You have been searching for many lives. What are you seeking? Happiness, bliss, joy – that’s what you are seeking. And in the search naturally you forget yourself; you start looking everywhere, everywhere else. The more you search the less is the possibility to get it, because it is inside you.

A lone man has more advantages. His loneliness can become fruitful to him. He will spend more time with himself. Because there are no distractions in himalayas. These snow capped peaks and flowing river valleys, green sheet of vegetation and vast sky, tree lines and flowery meadows, all are already meditating and inviting a man to meditate and realize his inner beatitudeness.

But there is one problem.

I know people who have lived in the Himalayas. Then they become afraid. Then they don’t want to come to the world because whatsoever they have been experiencing in the Himalayas disappears when they come to the market-place. If it disappears in the market-place it is no attainment. It may have been just the silence of the Himalayas that you mistook for your silence. It was borrowed. Certainly, the Himalayas are silent, and if you live in that silence, slowly slowly that silence starts permeating you. But it is not your music; it is borrowed. Go away from the Himalayas and it will disappear.
This is creating a fallacy. This is enjoying a reflected glory. This is not your own glory. Live in the market-place and create a Himalaya in the heart. Become silent in the noise. Remain a householder and yet be a sannyasin. Nothing has to be renounced. The way of renunciation is the way of the escapist, and the way of renunciation will make you attached to a polar phenomenon. That will not give you freedom. Freedom is in transcendence, and transcendence comes only when you live in the polar opposites simultaneously, together. So be in the world, but don’t let the world be in you.


Please forgive my poor english

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